Sungrow Hits 5 GW Shipment Milestone in Latin America

PVTIME – Sungrow announced that its cumulative shipments to Latin America crossed 5 GW at Intersolar South America 2021, which was held in Sao Paulo on Oct. 18-20, demonstrating Sungrow’s commitments to sustainable development and efforts in diversifying the local energy industry and decarbonization.

An industry trailblazer

With a continued upward growth trajectory in markets like Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, and Uruguay, Sungrow is the market share leader of Latin America’s PV industry. Despite the past economically challenging year, Sungrow is expected to reach a new record in 2021. In particular, Sungrow made a significant breakthrough in Brazil with over 3 GW of inverters shipped and has been leading the Brazilian market share since 2019.

Sungrow has maintained market leadership in both utility-scale and distributed generation segments with extended partnerships with a multitude of EPCs, distributors, and integrators. The Company boasts a large project track record in Latin America, including an 852 MW PV plant in Brazil, a 400MW project in Chile, and a 100MW project in Argentina. As the only inverter supplier ranked No.1 bankable for three consecutive years and No.1 supplier in financed projects by BloombergNEF, the Company shows a robust performance in projects it powers.

Unlocking the full potential of clean energy with innovation

None of Sungrow’s achievements could be made without its consistent focus on technical innovation. Sungrow pioneers on the edge of innovation and showcased a comprehensive product portfolio at Intersolar South America 2021 this week.

Tailored to the utility-scale applications, the Company introduced a 6.25MW central inverter solution and a 1500V ultra powerful string inverter SG350HX with a maximum power output of 352kW, enabling an optimal LCOE. Optimized to distributed generation solar segment, the commercial PV solutions ranging from 33kW to 110kW and residential PV portfolio varying from 2kW to 20kW were also on display, attracting a large audience onsite. Apart from the PV segment, Sungrow introduced its flagship energy storage portfolio in preparation for the potential storage demand. It’s worth noting, the Company has been involved in the storage sector for over 15 years and supplied landmark projects across the world as a result of its unmatched performance and innovation.

Latin America’s power sector records imbalances between generation and demand due to the severe drought, affecting the region which sparked serious threats of blackouts and power rationing. Sungrow, with its valued partners, leverage clean energy innovations to diversify the grid, empower consumers and enable renewable energy more accessible, flexible and stable.

Pushing the market forward

Since its 2017 introduction into the Latin American market, Sungrow rises far above the industry standard with a professional team covering technical support, sales and service across the continent.

“There need to be strong expansion efforts to continue the momentum seen in a few pioneering markets across Latin America in order to support the net-zero carbon ambition. As a pivotal player in this solar hub, we continue to bring forth industry-leading products and services that address diverse applications with lower LCOE, despite the changing landscape and current COVID-19 pandemic,” commented Ada Li, Head of Sungrow Latin America.


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