Sungrow Donates PV Plants to the South Korean Children’s Welfare Facilities

PVTIME – Recently, Sungrow launched a donation campaign named “Energy On Project”, to donate PV plants for child welfare facilities in South Korea, demonstrating the Company’s dedication to fulfilling The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a renewable energy trailblazer. The campaign was initiated by Sungrow and also attracted the involvement of other solar energy companies and institutions.The first project with the capacity of 9 kW was successfully completed in Jahye-won, a children’s community home located in Chungju, South Korea’s Chungcheongbuk-do province in November 2022. Jahyewon is a small group home (SGH) wherein a total of four children currently living.

Sungrow Donates PV Plants to the South Korean Children’s Welfare Facilities

The project was supported by the Korea Energy Agency, and was supplied with Sungrow inverters,  Hanwha Solutions modules, structures and construction from Solarpos. The project is expected to generate 1100 kWh of clean energy monthly, equivalent to saving 102,000 South Korean won.

Kim Sook-hee, the director of the Jahye-won project, commented, “The community home is located in a mountainous area, making seasonal heating and cooling costs quite high. We’re delighted to see electricity costs reduced as a result of the project.”

“Renewable energy shapes the future of power. As a responsible company aligning with UN 17 SDGs, Sungrow is proud to organize the ‘Energy On Project’ campaign to make clean energy accessible, favorable, and sustainable to more communities, facilities, and next generations. With the first project completed, we’re poised to power more child welfare facilities locally,” said Hoseob Kim, Country Manager of Sungrow South Korea.