Sungrow Displays the Liquid Cooled Energy Storage Systems at ESA 2021

PVTIME – Sungrow, the global leading inverter and energy storage solution supplier for renewables, premiered its brand-new liquid cooled Energy Storage System (ESS) solutions at ESA on Dec. 1-3, 2021, further addressing the energy storage demand in the US and enabling more profitability, flexibility, and safety.

With falling battery costs and a surge in renewables, energy storage is a flexible and attractive resource in many power systems across the US. As a result, Sungrow released its 1-8 hours liquid cooled ESS solutions fulfilling multiple market demands as energy shifting, demand response, ancillary services, and more.

This innovative solution slashes capital and operating expenses due to its pre-assembled and easy installation design. Further, its more effective cell working environment substantially decreases capacity loss. Given the modular DC/DC converter, the battery rack can be fully charged and discharged. Moreover, the system is optimized in safety performance due to its anti-leakage design and an integrated liquid fire extinguishing system.

The US takes one of the world’s most stringent access standards for products and solutions. Sungrow’s offerings are strongly in compliance with varied national and state requirements such as UL9540 and UL9540A, allowing customers for being hassle-free.

As a keynote speaker of the ESA conference, Mizhi Zhang, Managing Director of the ESS Business, Americas Region at Sungrow, highlighted that energy storage projects are growing in scale and are increasingly paired with a variety of renewables. “The renewables-plus-storage system is poised to be more economical. It will prove even more when these systems begin undercutting conventional fossil-fueled generation with plummeting prices in some regions,” he said.

With over a 24-year track record in the industry, Sungrow keeps pioneering in renewables-plus-storage technologies and ensures an unexpected return of investment for customers worldwide. As an early entrant in the North American energy storage market, the Company has a professional local team offering sales, technical support and after-sale service, achieving milestones across multiple states including California, Massachusetts, Texas and elsewhere.