Sungrow Delivered Inverters to California’s Megawatt-Scale PV Plant

Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd, the third largest PV inverter manufacturer in the world, announced that its another utility project in the US has connected to the grid.

The plant, located in the California desert, has abundant sunshine, which is ideal for power production, but harsh on the equipment due to extremely hot, dusty, and sandy conditions. Sungrow is no stranger to this type of environment, and has deployed many GW of 500kW units on large utility projects in the hot and sandy Gobi Desert of western China and elsewhere over the past several years.

After a comprehensive comparison of different inverters by the investors, they ultimately selected Sungrow’s 500kW inverter, the SG500LV, which was developed specifically for the North American market, includes local and remote HVRT/LVRT/ZRT/FRT capabilities, is easy to install, and is ideal for medium-sized power plant owners to maintain.

“The US solar market is a critical piece to Sungrow’s long-term growth strategy.”Mr. Mizhi Zhang, CEO of Sungrow Canada Inc., said, “Sungrow is now a familiar name to most PV plant owners and EPCs in N.A. due to our inverters’ outstanding performance in numerous PV plants in this market, and our responsibility for the success of the clients. We’re looking forward to building stronger relationships with our North American partners and continuing to providing excellent engineering services and cost effective solutions.”

Sungrow Canada Inc., Sungrow’s North American subsidiary, has been in operation since 2011. With its strong research and development focus, reliable inverter products, and quality service, Sungrow looks forward to building out its ever growing pipeline in North America.


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