Stag Industrial Announces Completion of Largest Rooftop Community Solar Project in the Country

PVTIME – STAG Industrial, Inc. (NYSE:STAG) on December 1 announced the completion of the nation’s largest rooftop community solar project hosted on its facility in Hampstead, MD. The 9.2 MW system is one of three hosted on STAG properties across the state and are part of Maryland’s community solar program that provides low-cost renewable energy to local homes and businesses. Co-developed by Summit Ridge Energy and Black Bear Energy, the systems have an aggregate capacity of 11.6 MW and will generate over 15 million kWh of electricity annually – the equivalent of powering nearly 1,500 homes. With the addition of these sites, STAG now hosts over 25.5 MW of solar nationally.  

“We continue to leverage our portfolio by hosting solar wherever possible, and the Maryland market provided an opportunity for us to do just that. In this case, our Hampstead facility with a large, brand new roof was an ideal fit. It’s encouraging to know the local grid is greener thanks in part to the renewable energy generated by the solar system on our roof.” said Brian LaMont, Senior Vice President of Construction at STAG.

“This is a marquee project for Summit Ridge and the entire community solar industry,” said Summit Ridge CEO Steve Raeder. “Leveraging 23 acres of largely unused roof space to generate energy savings for thousands of Marylanders is precisely the direction our nation’s energy generation strategy needs to head.” 

“We are proud to stand here today on the roof of STAG’s building, looking out over a sea of solar panels glistening on the horizon. It is invigorating to watch our clients take action and create value for themselves and the greater community. Seeing a system of this magnitude energized is
incredibly fulfilling and is a testament to everyone’s hard work.” commented Drew Torbin, Black Bear Energy’s Chief Executive Officer.