South Africa: BYD Solar Modules-Powered 75MW Plant has been Connected to the Grid.

Kalkbult project, one of South Africa’s largest PV plants, has been successfully connected to the local grid in September 2013 three months ahead of schedule, marking the first REIPPP project to be grid-tied in South Africa.

BYD, the world leading new energy solution provider, supplied all PV modules to Kalkbult project, located in South Africa’s Northern Cape region. As one of the largest PV plants in the country, this 75 MW solar park, with a land area equal to 160 football fields (1,142,400 sqm2), is expected to generate around 135 million kWh annually to power 33,000 local households and meet their demand for electricity. Reduction in CO2 emissions will reach yearly 115,000 tons, thanks to the project’s favorable location and abundant sunshine.

Scatec Solar, the Kalkbult project developer and constructor, commented that BYD’s high quality PV modules and the company’s on-time delivery did help facilitate the project progress. “We are pleased to be part of Kalkbult project and impressed by Scatec’s professional and efficient operation. It has been pleasant time working with them.” said Tom Zhao, General Manager of BYD’s PV Sales Department, “BYD focuses on providing our customers with high quality products and services. We are looking forward to future cooperation with Scatec.”

Besides less CO2 emissions the project will bring to South Africa, the country and local communities have already benefited from green jobs the project created during development and construction. And more job opportunities will be offered in the future operation.

Today South African government is promoting renewable energy with its rich resources in wind and solar. BYD, an innovated company with own technology and expertise in clean energy generation and storage is committed to South African solar market and the country’s endeavor to energy transition.


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