SolarLake 15000TL from Samil Power wins Grade A tested by PHOTON Lab

SolarLake 15000TL from Samil Power performed well in PHOTON Lab’s tests and appears to be a good-quality product. This is the latest honor after Samil Power’s ‘Star Product’ SolarRiver SR4K4TLA1 crowned to be the best Asian inverter

The approved capability of SolarLake 15000TL has been exported to more than 10 countries since last year. SolarLake 15000TL is one of SolarLake family that comprises a spectrum of PV inverters, namely, SolarLake 10000TL, SolarLake 12000TL, SolarLake 15000TL and SolarLake 17000TL. SolarLake series are capable of wide MPP voltage range, dual MPPT inputs, 98% maximum efficiency and integrated DC switch, etc. Since Samil Power acquires an unparalleled fame in product quality in the global market, its SolarLake series perform well and obtain 16 countries’ certifications of grid-tie inverter, satisfying demands of grid-connected PV plants. Notably, SolarLake series have passed German VDE4105 standard, which drives Samil Power stepping ahead in the world’s largest potential PV market.


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