Solar Tower Source of Cleanest Energy within the Future

It’s reported not too long ago that a solar tower is rising inside the vast desert of Arizona State, USA. In accordance with the style purpose, the tower is expected to create 200 thousand kilowatts’ electricity and meet the demand of over 150 thousand households for energy. Most importantly, the electricity generated is clean and causes no pollution.

We may wonder how such a giant constructing produces electricity. When talking about solar energy, we often bring into thoughts the solar panels which transform the solar energy into electricity. But how does this huge tower achieve this goal in a pollution-free way.

To answer this query, first of all we’ve to understand what specifically a solar tower is. It can be in fact a huge solar power program which collects the heat of air. The ceiling in the tower absorbs the power from the sunlight and heat the air contained in its physique. At the nighttime, the tower then transmits the heat for the households by way of way of infrared radiation.

Nevertheless, the solar tower also resembles a chimney. In such a tower, when the air is heated and dilated in size, it’s going to move upward as well as the cold air from outside comes in to drive a powerful heated air stream inside the tower. In this way, the heat of the air is incessantly replenished. It really is for this season that the tower features a height of over 800 meters so as to provide enough space for the upward moving from the hot air stream. The solar tower in Arizona State is believed to become the next highest architecture in the world upon completion.

Right after understanding how it functions, then you are going to know why it could be pollution-free. First of all, it consumes no water. This really is why it may operate inside the dry desert. Besides, when the upward hot air stream is released and forms thunder cloud, the rainfall will likely be elevated along with the ecological atmosphere inside the desert will likely be so improved. The constructing material for the solar tower is also typical and it calls for no hi-tech equipment but a power generation unit. Consequently, it doesn’t need massive investment. In this sense, it can practically be applied in a lot of areas with similar geographic circumstances in the world.

To sum it up, solar tower doesn’t consume energy and is pollution-free. When it is put into massive company operation, I think it’ll be one of the cleanest sources of power.


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