SNEC 2024: Signature of Major Cooperation Agreements

PVTIME – The 17th International Photovoltaic and Smart Energy Exhibition (SNEC 2024) was held in Shanghai, China from 12 to 15 June 2024, where a number of cooperation agreements were signed among these renewable energy companies. According to PVTIME’s incomplete statistics, at least 78 contracts or strategic cooperation agreements were signed during the conference.

ANT Group, TÜV, GCL Tech and GCL SI have partnered to launch the first management platform for the dynamic traceability of the carbon footprint of photovoltaic modules based on blockchain technology.

Atlas and JA Solar signed agreement to supply 700MW of solar modules.

ANTAI Solar will supply the intelligent solar tracking system for LARSEN & TOUBRO’s 294MWp solar power plant.

MARTGROW and ANTAI Solar reached an agreement to jointly launch a renewable energy plant with a capacity of 200MWp.

POWER China Technology CO. Ltd. and Guangdong QW Solar Technology Co., Ltd. will cooperate on 2GW offshore photovoltaic project, 1GW offshore wind project in Guangdong province and 500,000 kW wind project in Guizhou province.

CEEC Energy China and Shanghai Electric will jointly develop two fishery PV plants in Jiangsu Province, China, each with an installed capacity of 147MW.

Pengzhi Power and Shanghai Electric will jointly build a fishery PV plant in Nanjing City, China, with an installed capacity of 150MW.

Jolywood to supply 100MW of solar panels to AZ Energy, a leading solar solutions provider in Australia.

Astronergy to supply at least 150MW of ASTRO N7s high efficiency solar panels to Enpal, a high-tech company in Germany.

ACWA Power and Tongwei signed strategic cooperation agreement on solar power plant construction, solar solution application and energy transformation.

ENBW, a leading energy provider in Germany, signed a cooperation agreement with Tongwei for the future construction of large-scale solar power projects.

During SNEC 2024, LONGi signed 20 cooperation agreements with leading overseas power companies and leading renewable energy companies in China.

During the conference, JA Solar signed 6 strategic cooperation agreements with major power utilities and renewable energy companies.

During SNEC 2024, Yingli Solar signed 4 cooperation agreements with CEEC Tianjin, NANX Power, Industex and Suncity Solar respectively to expand its global market.

SINEXCEL and Schneider agreed to cooperate in technology innovation, project construction, AI data analysis and intelligent energy management.

DAS Solar and Jieyuan Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement on renewable technology, product innovation and service improvement.

NIO and CHINT signed a cooperation agreement on renewable energy solutions for EV charging.

ANTAI Solar and CINCO Power Solution agreed to jointly explore the renewable energy market in Southeast Asia.

PCG POWER and SKYWORTH will cooperate on integrated renewable energy projects, including solar power, wind power and energy storage.

Huasun and SKYWORTH plan to cooperate on HJT solar cells and distributed solar power projects.

SKYWORTH will supply solar modules and inverters for CHINA HUANENG’s solar power plants.

KWH Solutions GmbH and MINGYANG will cooperate in the deployment of renewable energy.

During SNEC 2024, Shanghai Electric signed 12 cooperation agreements with PRANA, Tmall Energy B.V., NSR GmbH and leading Chinese renewable energy providers in China for global solar power development.

LEASCEND signed 3 strategic cooperation agreements with leading utilities, energy storage companies and investors for renewable energy development.

Sigenergy signed agreements with Solución Network, Smart Tec and three other renewable energy providers to collaborate on solar energy solutions.

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