SMA Solar: new inverters, new competitors

SourceDER AKTIONÄR(Germany)

ReporterFlorian Söllner

SMA Solar, the leading company in solar inverter industry, has always kept product innovation, and recently it designed a new type of central inverter. However, the competition becomes increasingly severe. Wolfgang Hummel, a solar expert listed the strongest competitors among them.

The largest solar inverter SMA has expanded its product line. A new type of inverter named Sunny Central CP-US was used in recent solar projects inUSAandCanada. This kind of inverter is very competitive, and can be widely applied to the large-scale rooftop power plant and ground power plant of over 1MW.

However, the innovation can’t stop the market to be invaded. More and more competitors enter into the inverter market, which shows the fact that the industry is still the most profitable in solar industrial chain.

Rival On Local Market

Learning about a solar inverter manufacturer, named GoodWe, the solar expert Wolfgang Hummel said“ GoodWe, headquartered inSuzhou, nearbyShanghai, will surpass SMA by its well-developed logistics system. They join hands with DSV, a globally well-known logistic partner who can fulfill its supply chain by comprehensive land, sea and air transportation. Benefited from this way, GoodWe customers can get their products within five days after placing an order. GoodWe set up a new branch inWuppertalrecently. It will have a great impact on German market, which used to be a localized advantage for SMA. Besides, GoodWe can expand to the rest of European markets such asBelgium, Luxemburg andFrance.

SMA Solar Should Be Alert

The short-term advice for the SMA Solar investors by the financial media DER AKTIONÄR is that as long as the stock price fluctuates under 30 euro mark, it will be no doubt for downward trend. In the market of theUnited States, SMA also suffered the strong competition from Power-One Company.


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