Sky Solar firm to invest 1.36 bln dollars in Chile

China’s Sky Solar Holdings, a solar-energy developer, plans to invest 1.36 billion U.S. dollars in Chile, the firm announced Tuesday.

Sky Solar director for Latin America Chen Hong detailed his company’s planned operations in Chile at a forum hosted by Chile’s Foreign Investment Committee (CIE).

Chinese ambassador Yang Wanming said Chinese companies are interested in investing in infrastructure and energy in Chile and called for greater cooperation between the two countries in green energy and innovation.

CIE Vice President Matias Mori stressed the importance of Chinese investment, saying Chile has begun to focus its investment promotion particularly on China since 2010, which bore fruitful results.

Former Chilean President Eduardo Frei, now a senator, also hailed the development of political and economic ties between Chile and China, and recalled the bilateral free trade agreement that came into force in 2006 and was expanded in 2012.


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