Sinopec Joins Hands With LONGi to Build 147 Distributed Photovoltaic Power Stations

PVTIME – Chinese traditional energy giant Sinopec has reached a strategic cooperation with LONGi, a leader in solar new energy, and is working together to build 147 distributed photovoltaic power stations, which are widely located in Shaanxi, Hubei, Anhui, Guangdong and other Provinces in China.

As of December 2021, Sinopec and LONGi have signed for 147 PV power station projects. It is estimated that the overall average annual power generation is 5.256 million kWh, and the total power generation in 25 years will be 131 million kWh, which can save 41,800MT of standard coal and reduce 131,000MT of carbon dioxide emission, which is equivalent to 5,357,05 Mu of trees planting.

Sinopec Xi’an Taiyuan Road BIPV power station is one of them. The project adopts LONGi New Energy Integrated Building Photovoltaic (BIPV) solution. The LONGi BIPV system is installed on the power station canopy. The annual cumulative power generation is 1.5441 million kWh, which can meet one-third to half of the daily electricity demand of this power station. At the same time, it has considerable energy saving and carbon reduction benefits, which can save 481.47MT of standard coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1509.52MT, equivalent to 61.73 Mu of afforestation.

What is more, on December 7, Sinopec’s 1000th charging and swapping power station and the 1000th distributed photovoltaic power station officially went into operation. This new energy power station located in Guangzhou City, automatic parking and automatic battery exchange are available. The battery exchange can be completed within 5 minutes while the driver does not need to get off the car. The battery exchange service can be provided 312 times in a single day. 5 sets of 120-kilowatt dual-gun DC charging piles can be used at the same time. The station has a distributed photovoltaic power generation device with an installed capacity of 28.08 kilowatts. It is estimated that the average annual power generation will be 33,000 kWh, and it can save 21,000 yuan in electricity bills every year, which can meet the daily operation and daily power needs of the station. In addition, the station has a convenient battery exchange cabinet and a “love station” to provide more heart-warming services for outdoor labor groups such as takeaway brothers and sanitation workers.