Shenzhen S.C Delivers A Large Scale of PE-poly Equipment for TOPCon High-efficiency Solar Cell

PVTIME – Recently, Shenzhen S.C New Energy Technology Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Shenzhen S.C or the Company)(300724.SZ), a rapidly developing new energy equipment manufacturer with R&D capabilities into equipment & process, delivered a large scale of PE-poly equipment for TOPCon high-efficiency solar cell, with a month ahead of the shipment date signed with Runergy.

The PE-poly technical equipment, superimposed with new boron diffusion instrument, reaches 10% more of loading capacity and output per batch, which is the highest level in the industry, will accelerate the large-scale industrialization of TOPCon cell. This technology and equipment perfectly adopt the “three-in-one” preparation of the tunneling layer, the poly layer and the in-situ doped layer, solving the inherent problems in wrapping and high wear of quartz parts happened in traditional ways. Meanwhile, the in-situ doping time is saved in the new PE-poly route which is one-fifth of that in the traditional LP route.

Shenzhen S.C is very pleased that its new boron diffusion equipment and technology to be cutting-edged for uniformity and relevant indicators for TOPCon high-efficiency cell production. Shenzhen S.C is a top company in supplying whole production line of TOPCon cell, and a leading position of the industry in terms of cell conversion efficiency and yield. It is expected to be a leader in the overall solution of solar cell equipment over the world, providing equipment to boost the photovoltaic industry, contributing to China’s clean energy construction, and fulfil the company’s ambition of “Work For the Development of Green Industry, Dedicate to Offer Clean Energy”.