Seraphim Solar S2 Full-black Half-cell Series Module Introduction Webinar

Theme:Meeting solar module and rooftop system performance needs with superior aesthetics

Date and timing:  July 23rd 11:00 AM CEST

Speaker: Carl Lee, EMEA Sales Director of Seraphim

Working Webinar Title: Meeting solar module and rooftop system performance needs with superior aesthetics

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Brief Introduction:

Seraphim Solar has recently introduced its S2 full-black half-cell series module, specifically tailor-made for residential and commercial rooftop installations. This new iteration of the present S2 module series offers an all-black facade for superior aesthetics, while providing high-performance power output of up to 330Wp, advanced shading protection and an extensive 15-year product warranty.

As the rooftop PV market is rapidly transitioning to higher-performance modules to reduce installation costs, owners are becoming increasingly knowledgeable and discerning regarding the overall PV system aesthetics with preference for greater visual integration into the roofing system.

Until now, significant trade-offs between system performance and customer demand for greater aesthetics have prevailed.

Webinar Learning Points:

  • Gain a comprehensive introduction to Seraphim Solar’s S2 full-black half-cell series modules and rooftop applications
  • Learn how half-cell and half module cell to module losses are minimised and protect against potential shading issues
  • Understand how module performance and system needs are met with superior aesthetics

Carl Lee, EMEA Sales Director of Seraphim

Carl Lee has been working at Seraphim for 7 years. He started his career in the solar industry with a focus on the Indian market and has taken part in the development of various utility projects. He is currently Seraphim’s Regional Sales Director for EMEA.