SEG Solar Expanding Its Module Capacity in Cambodia

PVTIME – SEG Solar Inc. announced that it has significantly increased the production capacity for its high-efficiency SEG 540W+ 182mm technology modules at its manufacturing facility in Cambodia to 500MW per year. This facility has been equipped with state-of-the art technology and aims to meet the growing solar market demands of North America. Production will come online in October 2021 and the first batch of solar modules are anticipated to arrive in the US in Q4 2021.

The expansion of the production facility in Cambodia is just one of many ways that SEG is currently working to obtain stable and high quality overseas supply solutions to reduce risks and better serve its customers. SEG recognizes the importance of on-time deliveries and believes larger in-house manufacturing capacity with production diversification will help minimize any delays.

“With this capacity expansion, we’ve further strengthened our long-term supply chain and stand ready to meet the rising demand of the US market,” said Jim Wood, CEO of SEG Solar. “We are confident that the SEG 182mm technology will provide maximum efficiency of production while at the same time minimize balance of plant costs for our customers. We expect that production in Cambodia will result in reduced BOS, tax and shipping costs, thereby saving 1 to 2 cents per watt cost at the system level.”

SEG half-cell module integrates 182mm large silicon wafers with state-of-art technologies such as passivated emitter rear cell (PERC), multi-busbar (MBB), half-cut cell, and high-density packaging. The bifacial series is designed to generate 10-30% more electricity under different ground conditions. Since its release in late 2020, over 1GW of 182mm large cell modules have been installed world-wide.