Samil Power continues its world tour in UK:Solar Power UK 2012

Samil Power will bringits inverters with comparably high commendation from Photon Lab and smart mounting systems to the UK market at this year’s Solar Power UK 2012.

Apart from the SolarRiver, SolarLake and SolarOceanseries inverters, Samil Power will display its outstanding Dual MPPT string invertersandsmart mounting systemsas well.

SolarRiver-D series comprises three model inverters, namely, SolarRiver 3400TL-D, SolarRiver4500TL-D and SolarRiver 5200TL-D. Adopting leading-edge technology, such as Dual MPPT for independent or parallel input mode, transformerlesstopology, embedded DC switch, wide MPPT voltage range and RS485, GPRS, WiFi and Ethernet communication for more flexible configuration and monitoring, these brilliant inverters have become the darling of customers.

The outstanding mounting system division specializes in developing, manufacturing of all kinds of PV Mounting System Solutions. Before packing, its Mounting System is required to pass the test of stretching, bending, fire-resisting and salt spray to ensure its excellence and durability. Complying with many countries’ building codes in China, UK, Germany, Italy, Austria, Greece, Sweden, Netherland, Australia, etc., the new patent with snap-on smart design that will enable one person, one tool and one step to finish the whole assembling.

Solar Power UK 2012 will be held at NEC BirminghamfromOctober 2nd to 4th. The official sales and service team coupled with reliable inverters will wait for you at A12.


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