Roan Holdings Group Co., and Guodiantou (Beijing) Integrated Energy Co., Jointly Develop Energy Storage Power Stations Investment and Operation Project

PVTIME – Roan Holdings Group Co., Ltd. (“Roan” or the “Company”) (OTC Pink Sheets: RAHGF and RONWF), a comprehensive solution provider for industrial operations and capital market services, announced on August 15 that the Company has entered into a cooperation framework agreement (the “Agreement”) with Guodiantou (Beijing) Integrated Energy Co. (“Guodiantou”), a subsidiary of State Power Investment Corporation Limited, for their future strategic cooperation on investing, constructing and operating new energy storage power stations (such projects, the “Energy Storage Station Projects”) initially in the Yangtze River Delta region. Through this cooperation, Roan expects the Energy Storage Station Projects to promote and improve the ecological layout of the energy storage industry, enhance the core competitiveness of industrial projects, and expand business performance and scale.  

Pursuant to the Agreement, the parties are to form a project company or companies for the Energy Storage Station Projects, in which the Company is expected to hold a minority interest. Guodiantou will be primarily responsible for making the investment in these energy storage stations and owning the power station assets. Roan has entered into another cooperation framework agreement and a letter of intent with other third parties to facilitate the development of two industrial parks, one to be focused on new energy storage and battery manufacturing and the other on  new energy storage production, system equipment manufacturing, and new materials and semiconductor, with the intent for the parks to house companies that would develop energy storage industrial projects which the Company would consult for.  The Company plans to facilitate the use of these energy storage industrial projects to supply equipment and provide services in energy storage power station construction and operation as part of its cooperation under the Agreement. In addition, the Company will use its expertise in industrial operation and capital market services, including initial planning and financial consulting, to support the Energy Storage Station Projects. Details will be included in the future agreements to be entered into by the parties with respect to the Energy Storage Station Projects.    

Mr. Junfeng Wang, Chairman of the Board commented “We are very excited to announce the cooperation with Guodiantou. Guodiantou, an integrated energy infrastructure investment, construction and operation enterprise, mainly focuses on the development directions of power generation, user-side energy storage infrastructure, energy storage, technological innovation, technical services and other businesses, and undertakes the important task of investing, constructing and developing new integrated energy infrastructure in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, the Yangtze River Delta region and the central region. Guodiantou is an important strategic partner of our industrial operation strategy of ‘whole process and life cycle’. This cooperation is another breakthrough and important milestone in the development of our new energy industrial operation business following our new energy projects. These new energy projects are the new energy storage and battery manufacturing industrial park project and the industrial park project for companies engaging in new energy storage production, system equipment manufacturing, new materials and semiconductor (collectively, the “Projects”). The cooperation with Guodiantou plays an important role in connecting the downstream resources of the energy storage battery industry for our Projects, and improving the overall industrial ecological layout of the energy storage material base, energy storage battery base and energy storage equipment manufacturing base. Additionally, we could provide market operation service solutions through this cooperation to bring stable and sizeable downstream orders from this cooperation for our Projects, which would enable us to accomplish the closed loop of the whole process service, covering the whole industrial chain of the new energy industrial operation. We believe that our recent strategic partnerships are enhancing our influence and reputation in the new energy industrial operation market, and will transform into considerable financial returns in the future for our shareholders.”