Risen was listed the owner of the distributed photovoltaic power demonstration area in the first batch

The National Energy Administration has officially announced the list of the first batch of distributed photovoltaic demonstration area and the batch list involving seven provinces five city, a total of 18 demonstration projects. Among them, Risen, CGNPC and Ningbo Ning electric new energy joint venture, Ningbo Hangzhou bay new area was listed in the first batch of distributed photovoltaic demonstration area.

At present the first Internet subsidies of distributed photovoltaic that the state give in demonstration area is 0.42 yuan/degree , plus local desulfurization subsidy electricity price. In addition to state subsidies, distributed photovoltaic power plants in various PV subsidy program has been brewing or has been release, such as the subsidies of Hefei and Jiangsu is based on state subsidies, and then another subsidies 0.25 yuan / kWh.


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