Risen was crowned in the “Growth King” in the reporting performance, and the net profit rose 19 times.

The analysts said that last year, the photovoltaic industry entered into the cold winter as a whole, which made the company get little net profit, and the low base last year and the net profit this year’s rise helped the high growth performance of the company.

The disclosure of 2013 semi-annual report has been concluded. It was showed by some statistics that in the first half of this year, 355 GEM companies have achieved a total attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit totally 12.093 billion Yuan, and it only increased 4.21 percent compared with the same period of last year.

Seeing from the overall performance of companies listed on GEM, although the second quarter successfully continued the growth trend of the first quarter, the growth rate was not ideal, and it was far less than the motherboard and the small plate. Compared with the continuous high records of the GEM index, the GEM Company’s performance growth was not “excellent”.

However, among these 355 companies, there were also companies that have rapid net profits in the first half of this year, and Risen was one among them. According to the company’s semi-annual report show that in the first half year, the attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit was 30.6229 million Yuan, and this number showed an increase of 1924.63 Yuan compared with the 1.5128 million Yuan at the same time in 2012.


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