Risen: The company has achieved full production

On August 20, the representative of security of Risen-photovoltaic modules enterprise(300118.SZ) said on Tuesday, as the only photovoltaic listed companies in Ningbo, the company will benefit from Ningbo distributed photovoltaic demonstration area startup and construction, the company has achieved full load production.

Informed sources, the National Energy Board has approved Ningbo, Hangzhou Bay of New Zone, including 18 distributed photovoltaic demonstration area, it predicted that the distributed PV subsidy would be 0.42 yuan / kWh, and by the end of this year, each of the distributed photovoltaic capacity of the demonstration area would be range from 10 to 80 mw.
Xu Xiaojun said the company has already declared the distributed demonstration project, it will be announced publicly after officially approved. As the only photovoltaic enterprise in Ningbo, it has more transport advantages than the other enterprises, the start of distributed demonstration area will drive the company to start selling components.

Xu Xiaojun said the company 700mw components production line was running at full capacity, the development of domestic market has obtain good results this year, the contract that signed with the energy-saving solar technology (Zhenjiang) co., LTD. for the sale of 408 million yuan is being normally fulfilled at the beginning of this year.


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