Risen Reaffirmed as India’s Number 1 PV Supplier

PVTIME – Risen Energy Co., Ltd, a leading, Tier 1 manufacturer of high-performance solar photovoltaic products, was recently reaffirmed as maintaining its all-out, leading volume supplier of solar PV modules status for 2019, by the venerable Bridge to India’s insight into the Indian renewable energy arena.

RISEN PV Modules in operation at a 500 MW Solar Park in India

Spring-boarding on their hard earned credibility acquired over a scant few years, Risen has stamped their credentials into the diverse and competitive Indian market, rising to the top of the myriad of solar PV suppliers during 2018. Determined not to allow such successes to diminish their customer centric results orientated approach, Risen doubled down on its efforts in 2019, fending off determined peers and sating an increasingly voracious customer base with further developments of technology and commercial acumen designed to deliver increased customer tangible benefits. This strategy has seen Risen maintain their number 1 volume supplier position with highest market share, whilst accruing in excess of 3.6 GW module installations in India.  

“We would like to thank our Strategic Partners, Customers, Government agencies, EPC companies and Consultants, who provided RISEN with the opportunity to achieve this magnificent delivery volume,” said Mr. Bypina Veerraju Chaudary, CSMO of Risen. “Without their foresight and perseverance the Indian solar market would stagnate.”

Mr. P. Ponsekar, Vice President Sales Indian subcontinent & MEA: “Each customer has their own unique requirement, and we closely worked with every one of our valued customers providing tailored solutions that generate solid bottom line benefits. We look forward to participating in the further expansion of this fabulous region for many years to come.” He adds that this customised alignment for the top IPP & EPC Indian companies has allowed for repeat orders from customers, an ever-increasing capacity for understanding the primary drivers that customers cherish, and direction on technological advances to ensure maximum revenue and longevity for Indian installations.

The message from all of the Risen employees and departments was as equally attuned to the Indian market and specifically referring to current events: “We’re delighted to have contributed to the stellar growth of the Indian renewable energy market, all the while founding immersive, interactive, and profitable agreements that have gone beyond the remit of the seller and buyer. We would like to profusely thank our customers for supporting Risen during the hiatus created during Covid-19, and trust we can reciprocate the support as you make a speedy recovery to full and exciting continuation of your market growth.”

The global solar industry continues to expand, overcoming all obstacles, geopolitical and others, whilst edging ever closer to its ultimate goal of primary renewable energy provision. It is clear that even with recent taxation changes, India will continue to be a primary expansive deployment basin of solar PV growth and opportunity.