Risen: Proactively “Have a Finger” in PV Terminal Market, Giving Full Play To Its Might Amid The “Cold Winter” of PV Industry

At the 7th SNEC PV POWER EXPO held in Shanghai days ago, Risen told reporter that, the anti-dumping and anti-bribery probes initiated by Europe and America has negative impact on China’s PV industry and heavily blows Chinese PV companies. However, it is another story at Risen: the order quantity climbs up and hits the historical record. The Rison’s 2013 first quarter financial report shows that the operation revenue of first quarter reached to RMB 200.97 million Yuan, with its net profit increasing 20 times.

It is said that the success of this Zhejiang-based company owes to its proactive marketing positioning and distinguished product planning. Several years ago when the supply PV components and batteries fell short of demand, Risen already began adopting prudent market strategies and refused to blindly expand production, just like what Shangde and LDK did, which experienced serious unbalance between production capacity and output. Second, as early as in 2002, Risen made great efforts to invest in PV terminal market, and launched five series of 800 PV relating products, including solar landscape lamp, solar garden lamp, solar resinous artificial lamp, LED low-voltage lamp and solar street lamp. Thirdly, Risen established stable and strategic cooperative relations with its partners. It is reported that in the first quarter of this year, Risen signed a solar component sales contract with CECEP Solar Energy Technology (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd., which would contribute RMB 400 million Yuan to Risen.

According to Risen, “specialization represents the direction of future PV industry and provides high quality and low-cost products.”Contrast to other PV companies investing in polycrystalline silicon production, Risen focuses on photovoltaic cells and photovoltaic modules and does not blindly invest in other industries. Moreover, Risen went public in 2010 at Shenzhen Stock Exchange. When other companies in PV industry are suffering financial strain, Risen still remain sound financial condition. Thanks to these advantages on industrial chain, Risen has its orders placed to the third quarter.

Throughout the trajectory of PV industry, despite of the dumping and anti-bribery probes made by Europe and America, the influences on Risen are limited. At present, Risen has set up a taskforce to respond to the dumping and anti-bribery probes and appointed lawyers who would help the company gain market economic position.

Regarding international business, Risen puts more efforts on tapping into the emerging markets in Eastern Europe, South America, Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia and domestic market at home. In order to evade dumping and anti-bribery probes made by Europe and America, Risen is demonstrating the feasibility of purchasing cell pieces from overseas to manufacture and sell solar cell modules or establishing offshore companies to manufacture cell pieces.


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