Risen Energy Signs Contract for 261MW Project´s Pipeline with OPDEnergy

A-share market-listed Chinese PV leader Risen Energy Co., Ltd. recently signed a collaborative contract for a 261MW project with OPDEnergy. Under the contract, the Chinese firm will provide the high-efficiency modules, required for few power stations, to be built by OPDEnergy. As another large order from Spain for Risen Energy, the signing of the contract represents another example of Risen Energy’s growing presence in the Spanish market.

For such a large-scale project, Risen Energy faces many challenges ranging from delivery time, price and quality to technical requirements, among others. Zhao Zelin, vice president of sales at Risen Energy, said: “We have always been a strong believer in the fact that product quality is the key differentiator when it comes to who will come out on top as the photovoltaic industry evolves. Even when the delivery schedule is tight, we will guarantee the high quality of our components and services across the board.” Relying on a structured technical quality management model, Risen Energy is fully confident in its ability to provide high-efficiency, best-of-quality components to customers within the agreed timeframe, ensuring smooth and timely connection to the grid while maximizing returns for the project’s investors.

Mr. Luis Cid, CEO at OPDE said: “The reasons why we chose Risen Energy as our partner for this European project include the firm’s rapid expansion worldwide and sound financial management backed by strong innovation and R&D capabilities. We believe Risen Energy’s international experience over the past several years will prove beneficial to our collaboration and, at the same time, lay a solid foundation for future joint efforts.” To date, the global project reserves for Risen Energy have surpassed the 5GW milestone. Both the 40MW and 63MW photovoltaic power plants constructed and operated by Risen Energy in Kazakhstan have received financing from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), providing a lasting impetus for the company’s establishment of a meaningful presence in the international market. At present, Risen Energy’s average efficiency of double-sided AlOx passivated PERC cells exceeds 22.2 per cent with the highest efficiency of its production-quality cells reaching 22.51 per cent, serving as another strong reason for the company’s success in global markets.

Looking forward, Risen Energy plans to rely on its European and Latin American teams to continue leveraging the whole of the European market with Spain as the staging ground. At the same time, the company will leverage Spain’s positional advantages in the Latin America market to further develop the South American market in a move to expand the company’s footprint worldwide


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