Risen Energy signed solar module sales order with CECEP Solar Energy

Correspondent : Mike. W

As the Chinese snake year just began, news came from Risen Energy(300118) that it signed solar module sales order with CECEP Solar Energy. It’s really a grand opening.
On February 7th, the company made the announcement of the contract: ” Risen Energy Co., Ltd. and CECEP Solar Energy ( Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd. signed a solar module sales contract. Risen Energy Co., Ltd. will supply solar modules for CECEP Solar Energy

( Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd. and the total amount of the contract is ¥408000000. ”

Risen Energy is a public company, one of the most important manufacturer of solar cells and panels, photovoltaic system, solar lamps and LED lighting. And,CECEP Solar Energy ,established in 2010 August, is a subsidiary company of CECEP (China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group) which is belonged directly to The Sasac of the State Council. CECEP Solar Energy has abundant solar power station projects under construction or reserved.

This contract, signed during the Spring Festivel, means a good start for Risen in the year of 2013. It’s also like a wave of warm spring wind blowing in the weak Chinese photovoltaic market. Both sides believe that this cooperation will enable each other to a win-win end.

As estimated, the total modules supplied for CECEP Solar Energy will generate electricity of 1.2-1.5 billion kWh, helping supply power to 0.1 million homes a year.


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