Risen actively expanding Australian PV market business

More than 80% of Australia’s land light intensity over 2000kW/m2/hour, it has the world’s first lighting resources, as the same system costs circumstances, the cost of photovoltaic power generation in Australia almost reached only half the cost of photovoltaic power generation in Germany. Due to government support policies, such as setting a new national renewable energy targets, the implementation of solar home and community projects, carry out the plans of Sun City and Solar Schools Program, the implementation of solar flagship program (completed two large-scale photovoltaic power generation systems), as well as state and local government introduced PV feed-in tariff subsidy policy and so on.

Australian firm high exchange rate makes the Australian PV market grow rapidly, photovoltaic power generation gradually being recognized and receive a high public support. With PV prices continued to fall with the international trend, even without government subsidies, photovoltaic power generation in the next decade will be very popular. Therefore, Australia has the potential to become the world’s major PV market.


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