ReneSola to Launch Its Revolutionary New Module Series – the Virtus II (R) and Micro Inverter Replus (R) – to the Australian Market at All Energy Australia 2012

Chinese module manufacturer ReneSola will launch its revolutionary new products, the Virtus II ® solar module and Micro Inverter Replus ® at All Energy Australia 2012, which will be held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, October 10 – 11, 2012.

ReneSola is tackling the solar energy market head on by introducing the “Virtus” range of solar modules which boast unbridled technology and by concurrently expanding its service offering to include micro inverters, an offering not matched by any of its competitors.

Meet the new Virtus II ® – the cost effective, low environmental footprint solar panel.

ReneSola’s new Virtus cell technology – incorporated into the new Virtus II ® – features improvements in the silicon cast and handling processes which, while similar to the poly crystalline manufacturing process, result in a more homogenous crystalline structure.

Virtus II ® modules boast lower light induced degradation (LID), better performance in higher temperatures and lower cell-to-module loss (CTM), positioning them ahead of other mono crystalline modules in the market.

In fact, the cell efficiencies of the Virtus II ® are up to 17.6 percent, above that of other products.

The manufacturing process used by ReneSola to create the Virtus II ® modules has been streamlined such that products can be manufactured with less energy input, meaning that they’re both environmentally friendly and cheaper to manufacture.

This, in turn, means that the Virtus II ® products are more cost effective for the end user, as well as boasting improved technology which means that they can provide an increased output in the range of 5-15 watt, depending on the module. The Virtus II ® help you save and save!

Increase the efficiency of solar energy systems with Micro Replus ® micro inverters

By extending its product range to include the Micro Replus ® micro inverters, ReneSola is on the way to becoming a PV system provider, before most of its competitors.

Micro Replus ® micro inverters are ETL certified, are available standalone or can be integrated with a ReneSola panel for a turn-key AC module.

Micro Replus® inverters also come complete with monitoring software, communications gateway hardware and cables which are equipped with MC4 compatible connectors.

By using micro inverters, energy output increases by an average of 16 percent, compared with the conventional string inverter which can lose efficiency due to light shadings.

Using the Micro Replus ® also means that module mismatching will be dramatically minimized, moreover, the simple plug and play system used by the Micro Replus ® means that installation times are drastically reduced and complex electrical wiring is a thing of the past!

Comprehensive re-insurance for product guarantees

ReneSola has proactively dealt with the overall skepticism in the market against companies from China by partnering with California-based insurance company PowerGuard to offer 10 year product insurance guarantees and 25 year performance guarantees on all modules offered by ReneSola.

This re-insurance offer was introduced on August 1, 2012 and is valid regardless of ReneSola’s position in the market.


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