REC Silicon Delays First Delivery from Restarted Moses Lake Plant Until Q2 2024

PVTIME – REC Silicon, a leading global producer of silane gases and silicon metals, has recently updated its restarted Moses Lake facility that its first shipment will be delayed from Q1 2024 to early Q2 2024.

This particular silane-based high-purity granules production plant in Moses Lake, Washington was restarted by REC Silicon in 2023 due to the investment from Hanwha. And it claimed to start the first shipments of high-purity granular polysilicon in the first quarter of 2024.

However, at the end of March 2024, REC Silicon expected the first delivery to be made in early Q2 2024. The minor delays in the completion of the new post-production treatment, packaging and handling lines have compressed the timeline for the required testing and optimisation.

The ramp-up of the Moses Lake plant is progressing. Production of high purity granular polysilicon continues to grow in line with its expectations and the silane unit is performing well. REC Silicon remains on track to gradually ramp up production to full capacity by the end of 2024. And it continues to look for opportunities to improve the delivery schedule while maintaining its focus on increasing the utilisation of the production units.

In addition, REC Silicon announced last month that it would shut down polysilicon capacity at its Butte, Montana facility due to short to medium term increases in Montana electricity costs. Production will continue for 6-9 months to meet customer order requirements.

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