Q QCELLS Modules Supply Clean Electricity for Award-Winning Crop Production System at Bock Bio Science Gmbh

Q CELLS supplied 200 kWp solar modules to Prisma Neue Energie GmbH for solar installation on the buildings of Bock Bio Science GmbH in Bremen.

PVTIME – Q CELLS, a world-leading total energy solutions provider for solar cell and module to energy storage, management and retail, has installed a 200 kWp solar array on an award-winning crop production facility in Germany. Bock Bio Science GmbH, a Borgfeld, Germany-based company, has been awarded the Bremen Environmental Prize 2019 for the best operational environmental solution for its fully automated plant breeding facility.

The company relies on Q CELLS for the energy supply of its new plant: built over just four days, a Q CELLS-powered 200 kWp solar array was installed on the roof of the Bock Bio Science building. Planning and execution of the install was carried out by strategic Q CELLS Q.PARTNER, Prisma Neue Energie, which is based in the northern German city of Bremen.

Thomas Grüter, Managing Director of Prisma Neue Energie, said: “This rapid construction was made possible thanks to the clear planning provided by Q CELLS, as well as its experienced partner. From the initial stages through to the handover of the solar array to Bock Bio Science GmbH, all partners involved worked together perfectly”.

The approximately 600 installed Q.PEAK DUO-G5 monocrystalline solar modules, each with an output of 325 Wp, will generate approx. 170,000 kWh of electricity per year, most of which will be used to operate the new plant cultivation system. By operating the solar system, Bock Bio Science will mitigate the effect of around 100 tonnes CO2 emissions per year. The operation of the solar system will also result in considerable cost reductions in the company’s energy supply.

Marco Schweizer, Key Account Manager for North Germany and Denmark at Q CELLS, said: “Q CELLS is immensely proud to have supplied the modules for such an innovative company. Bock Bio Science GmbH shares many of the same values as Q CELLS, placing a keen emphasis on delivering sustainable solutions for 21st century living.”

Bock Bio Science prevailed in Bremen Environmental Award thanks to a robot system that produces ornamental and agricultural plants. The cultivation of young plants usually takes place in low-wage countries. However, the fully automated production plant that has now been installed enables competitive economic production in Germany. Such a technical innovation promises a positive environmental impact. With the new breeding plant, we can significantly reduce CO2 emissions and the use of pesticides thanks to the fully automated process sequencesBio Science GmbH. The use of solar energy is an important component for our company, because in times of climate change it is vital for us to contribute as much as possible to minimize our production-related CO2 emissions.”