Photovoltaic solar trade dispute settlement Solar energy company reports good results

Influenced by the disputes of Sino-European Photovoltaic, the price brought positive news, the solar energy stocks was rising in early trading , New extension limit up, Xin Fu medicine, Jing Sheng Electrical, Hengdian East magnetic, Risen, sunflowers and other solar companies have also intraday gains top.

On July 27, China mechanical and electrical products import and export chamber of commerce, China Renewable Energy Society and other five industry organizations published “on China trade dispute photovoltaic products exports to the EU reached a price undertaking joint statement,” China PV industry representatives and the European Commission reached a price commitment on the dispute of China photovoltaic products trade exports to the EU , Chinese PV products will continue to export to the EU and maintain a reasonable market share as the the arrangement they reached between the two sides.


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