Photovoltaic industry carrying out merger and acquisition to the weak action and focus on photovoltaic leading enterprises.

The State Council recently issued “on the promotion of the healthy development of photovoltaic industry a number of opinions” , it clearly put forward from 2013 to 2015 average annual new PV installed capacity of about 10 million kilowatts, by 2015 the total installed capacity of up to 35 million kilowatts or more, proposed six measures to stimulate demand for PV, and also defined the mechanism of tariffs and subsidies for the first time, and photovoltaic barriers to entry .

Advice to focus on the “opinions” and the subject landing opportunities that subsidy policy expectations bring in. The recovery of “Opinion” is expected to enhance the photovoltaic industry, high-level support attitude also promoted the “double reverse” lower tax rate expectations, fundamentals of industry expected to be significantly improved. Recommend the sun power, lungi shares, Risen, New Daxin Materials and TBEA.


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