Our company launches the Latest Intelligent PV Junction Box “Smart box-C”series

Recently, Our company has successfully developed an Intelligent PV junction box “Smart box-C” which is special used for Solar PV panels.

This kind of junction box uses the most advanced “Cloud computing and the Internet of things” technology,and carries a software system for point-to-point PV panels monitoring, analysis, power optimization and fault diagnosis; It applies sensor technology to remote extracting and monitoring operation parameters of each solar photovoltaic panel; and uses the MaximumPowerPointTracking (MPPT) to optimize the power output of single panel in a complex climate environment; and it also can raise the whole PV power generation efficiency, and reduce the cost of power generation. As is well known, the junction box carried by traditional PV panels is only used for PV panels’ connection and current transmission.

However, in the past 25 years’ history of using PV system, its generating efficiency were often affected by the chimneys, tree bowers, birds droppings, black clouds and dusts, and fire hazard were correspondingly increased. Some international authoritative photovoltaic experts have done a study and show that, in the severe cases, if 10% of the power generation area of PV system is shaded, maximum loss of power in the whole system could be as high as 60%. Meanwhile, PV station would lose 9%-11.5% of the total power because of various integrated factors in normal use environment even if there are not special factors.It would be a potential safety hazard and greatly reduced the generate electricity benefit of PV system. This manufacture will solve the problem and significantly improve power efficiency.


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