Ohio Developer Flips Switch on Multi-Megawatt Project Powered by ReneSola Modules

ReneSola Ltd (“ReneSola” or the “Company”) (NYSE: SOL), a leading global manufacturer of solar photovoltaic (“PV”) modules and wafers, is proud to announce that its customer Solar Planet Power Inc. (“Solar Planet”) this month commissioned several ground and rooftop projects composed entirely of ReneSola modules at elementary and high schools in West Jefferson and Blacklick, Ohio. The Company has provided more than 10 MW of solar PV modules to Solar Planet, an Ohio-based developer with contracts to install $200 million in solar projects in more than 20 major school districts, 10 municipalities, many career centers and other facilities, including hospitals, airports and universities.

“Construction on the first round of projects took only 45 days to complete,” said Siyd Tawana, president of Solar Planet. “It was truly a pleasure working with ReneSola to secure the company’s high-efficiency 250 W and 255 W modules in a timely manner. It has turned into a great partnership. We have high expectations when selecting modules for the projects we currently have contracted in our home state of Ohio. We are planning to expand to states on both coasts and look forward to completing those new projects with ReneSola, our long-term partner, whom we believe offers the best quality, size options and efficiencies in today’s solar PV marketplace.”

For the full year 2012, ReneSola will deliver record shipments of solar PV modules and wafers worldwide. ReneSola’s products can be found in numerous projects across the United States, as the Company has been providing wafers to leading module manufacturers for several years. As ReneSola continues to grow its presence globally in the module sector, it expects North and South America to be large contributors to its growth in 2013 and beyond.

“The American markets are still ripe with tremendous growth potential,” said Kevin Chen, president of ReneSola America. “With more and more states coming on line and others increasing their renewable portfolio standards, companies with outstanding reputations, such as Solar Planet and ReneSola, will flourish. We look forward to forging more partnerships with other leading developers like Solar Planet to grow the number of high-quality, cost-effective PV projects in North and South America.”


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