Newell Set Key Steps for Future Work

On April 10th, Newell Group held the operational analysis conference of the first quarter. In the first quarter, guided by the overall strategy of Linuo Group and the strategic requirements of “two transformations”, Newell Group has accelerated the upgrade and gathered core industrial advantages, continuously optimizing system and procedure to promote lean management. Newell Group has exceeded its main operational indicators: completion rate of 110% for both received payments and profits, an increase of 18% and 37% respectively. The two main business divisions both have reached all targets set for received payments and profits with stable growth: the completion rate of 114% and 100% for payments received and profits in organic products division respectively, increasing 17% and 13% separately; the completion rate of 100% and 101% for payments received and profits in Twin-tiger division respectively, increasing 14% and 3% separately.

The operational results have laid solid foundation for the whole year, but the second quarter has shouldered great pressure. Therefore to achieve sustainable development, key steps are set for future work: to become market-oriented and create survival opportunities for companies in crisis; to optimize internal management as well as seek external opportunities, to strengthen operational management and increase operational efficiency, to introduce and cultivate qualified personnel, to learn from internationally first-level enterprises, to distribute talents and resources based on international development, and to attach importance to relocation work and security.


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