New Voyage for SOFARSOLAR: Photovoltaic Storage Development with Ingenuity and Concentration

PVTIME – “I have God’s will, just like the helmsman has the compass, and the craftsman has the ruler.” Craftsmen possess the state of mind of striving for excellence and represent the spirit of pursuing perfection.

This is spirit applies not only to people, but to enterprises as well. In the development of China’s photovoltaic industry, there are a number of craftsmen enterprises adhering to the way of perfection. They stay true to the pursuit of quality, to give customers 25 years or even the whole life cycle of stable and reliable revenue. They are the backbone and cornerstone of the upstream and downstream operations of the photovoltaic industry chain.

SOFARSOLAR, an inverter enterprise founded in 2013 based in Shenzhen, has been determined to become a craftsman in the field of photovoltaic inverters with its focus on its products and services since its inception. This persistence makes SOFARSOLAR future voyage full of expectations.

At the beginning of 2020, the unexpected COVID-19 outbreak disrupted the pace of development for many photovoltaic enterprises. In the chaos, the performance of SOFARSOLAR has been eye-catching. April’s export data showed that SOFARSLOAR leapt to third place in terms of monthly inverter export total among Chinese manufacturers, which has renewed SOFARSOLAR’s position in the international market.

What impact will this epidemic have on the industry and enterprises such as SOFARSOLAR, who is determined to concentrated on the developing photovoltaic inverter with ingenuity and concentration? What is the future development direction of the industry? Where is the voyage taking SOFARSOLAR in the second half of 2020 among the fierce competition? With these questions in mind, our reporter met with Zhong Qizheng, Deputy General Manager of SOFARSOLAR, in a special interview.

“In a battle against the epidemic, we are doing all we can to stabilize growth, and build a new inverter production line with an annual output of 500, 000 units. The craftsmen at SOFARSOLAR have paid close attention to the disruptions and made the manufacturing processing technology more efficient. Only this way can we continue to move forward steadily.” Zhong Qizheng said.

In the face of the black swan that is COVID-19, SOFARSOLAR has maintained its determination to be a “craftsman”, and has worked hard to moved forward steadily in order to resolve the damages caused by the short-term fluctuations.

“In this COVID-19 epidemic, SOFARSOLAR has focus on three things: strengthing confidence against the epidemic, preparing talents for the battle, and promoting production at full capacity.” said Zhong Qizheng added.

Since the beginning of the year, SOFARSOLAR has formulated a series of effective measures to realize the rapid improvement of production capacity after the resumption of work. At present, the storage centers at home and abroad have sufficient stock to fully meet the demands of domestic and foreign markets.

The financial data also reflected the steady progress of SOFARSOLAR. From January to May of 2020, the company realized a revenue of 370 million yuan, an increase of 30% over the same period of last year. According to the latest Chinese inverter export data from April 2020, the export volume of SOFARSOLAR has leapt to the top three among all Chinese enterprises!