New Era of Smart Photovoltaic Power Plant — Comprehensive Partnership between Powerway & Huawei

Powerway had recently announced that an official cooperation agreement was entered with Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd, the leading global information and communications solution provider.

The union of the two strong partners desires to integrate Powerway’s PV tracking system with Huawei’s Fusion Solar Smart PV system and push out an advanced one-stop smart PV power plant solution with the features of big data mining, smart O&M, remote monitoring and intelligent tracking.

Leveraging Huawei’s strong capabilities in R&D and technology, the partnership provides Powerway’s tracking system with an integral solution throughout the PV plant from the inverter to the plant management and O&M system, by integration of digitized communications, internet and PV technology. This helps customers in realizing “efficient power generation, smart O&M, high safety and reliability”, as well as espouses the implementation of customers’ growth strategy of “high return, operability, manageability and evolvability.

Powerway Renewable Energy Co. Ltd, as a leading PV power plant solution provider, has extensive experience in the design and construction of PV power plants. Meanwhile, Huawei, as a leading global ICT company, owns Hi-Silicon IC [technology] which can be successfully applied in PV inverters. Facing the industry’s upgrading and incessant growth, the marriage of the two companies is a natural course of the two joint forces, ready for the innovative development of PV mounting control system, which sets off a new era of a Smart PV Power Plant.

Mr. Benson Wu, CEO of Powerway stated that, “we are looking forward to leading the evolution from traditional PV industry into the smart and digital world so that the management and operation of the PV systems becomes simple and adept, which propels the development of PV industry or even new energy industries to further stratification”. Authorities from Huawei stated that, “the in-depth partnership will set off a new era for PV plants, change industry status quo, and give impetus for the industry to a rapid but healthy growth.

The cross-territory partnership between Powerway and Huawei, taking with own respective fortes, proposes a solution shifting from a single power plant management module to a module equipped with Cloud-ready information integration, remote monitoring and smart operation features, while cutting down the construction overhead and post-construction operation costs of the PV power plants, increasing power output, improving generation efficiency, to achieve a more secure, stable, clean and sustainable smart energy era.


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