Nelnet Renewable Energy to Quit Residential Solar Market

PVTIME – Nelnet Renewable Energy (NYSE: NNI), a publicly traded diversified financial services and technology company focused on providing education services, technology solutions, professional services, telecommunications and asset management, recently announced a strategic move to exit the residential solar market and focus exclusively on commercial solar.

Given the challenging regulatory and economic conditions in the residential solar market, and after careful consideration, Nelnet Renewable Energy has made the difficult decision to discontinue its residential solar business. Nelnet Renewable Energy will honour its existing warranty and contractual obligations for residential projects installed to date and will proactively communicate with customers and other relevant stakeholders about available service and support. Nelnet Renewable Energy is committed to making the transition as seamless as possible.

Nelnet Renewable Energy’s expertise in solar financing and the ITC, combined with its investment in excellent people, quality workmanship, safety and long-term partnerships, positions the company well for continued success in the construction and development of commercial solar projects, particularly in the Midwest and New York. Nelnet Renewable Energy has approximately 15 projects under construction with an average size of 4 megawatts.

This decision demonstrates Nelnet Renewable Energy’s dedication to capitalising on its technical and project management expertise in a market that has demonstrated robust growth potential and aligns with the company’s long-term vision for sustainability, operational excellence, profitability, and energy innovation.

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