LONGi Raises Wafer Prices

PVTIME – According to LONGi’s latest silicon wafer guidance released on September 14, the price of its silicon wafers will again increase across the board.

LONGi’s price trend on September 14 (Source: LONGi)

The price for LONGi‘s p-type 158.75/223mm 170μm wafers has increased by 0.25 yuan/piece to 5.24 yuan/piece and the price for its p-type M6 wafers (166.75/223mm and 170μm) has increased by 0.25 yuan/piece to 5.34 yuan/piece. For the P-type M10 wafers (182/247mm and thickness of 170um), the cost will be 6.41 yuan/piece, an increase of 0.3 yuan/piece from June 24.