Longi Modules Receive Certification for Tenders in France from CERTISOLIS Due to Their Low Carbon Footprint

MONTPELLIER, France, Dec. 16, 2019 /PVTIME/ -- LONGi Solar, the world's
leading solar technology company, has received CERTISOLIS' low carbon footprint
certification for its latest generation of high-efficiency mono-crystalline
modules. This is validation that LONGi's PV solar products are qualified for France's
CRE projects and paves the way for LONGi to offer its customers high quality
solar products that drives lower LCOE from the industry's most bankable

LONGi received the certificates under the Lifecycle Analysis criteria for
both CRE3 and CRE4 regimes. LONGi's solar panels can now be specified for CRE 4
tenders in France as well as unbuilt project pipeline under CRE 3. The
certification is required by the French Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) to
be eligible for CRE auctions and covers carbon emissions of the entire product
life cycle, from raw materials, manufacturing, transportation and storage,
disposal to recycling and other stages.

"We are very excited to receive the carbon footprint verification
from CERTISOLIS, which is a validation of LONGi's leadership in green
 said Dennis
She, Senior Vice President, LONGi Solar. "LONGi always advocates the
concept of using clean energy to produce clean energy products. We take
sustainable development as a core measurement for business decisions. The
successful verification of the CRE carbon footprint is affirmation of our green
commitment to the whole processes of production. In the future, LONGi will
continue to improve production management, improve manufacturing processes, and
further reduce the carbon footprint of our products."

As a driver of the global energy transformation, LONGi leads the
industrial photovoltaic development with technological innovations and advances
clean energy for sustainable development. The company has made significant
progress in realizing its "Solar for Solar" concept of manufacturing
clean energy products using 100% clean energy. As a signatory of The Climate
Group's RE100, LONGi has committed to achieving 100% clean energy. LONGi's
green production facilities are already in operation in Yunnan, China and
Kuching, Malaysia. The clean energy consumption of three factories in Lijiang,
Baoshan, and Chuxiong in China's Yunnan accounts for 100%, 100%, and 96.6%
respectively. "Solar for Solar" will also promote the
application of PV in seawater desalination and desertification control to
reduce carbon emissions and achieve a negative carbon earth.

LONGi supplies more than 30GW of high-efficiency solar silicon wafers and
modules each year, about a quarter of the global market demand. In order to
meet the continuous large-scale growth demand brought about by energy
transition, and to continuously and steadily meet the global customers for
high-efficiency PV products, LONGi will continue to increase its production
capacity and secure supply chains for solar products. LONGi will work with our
customers and partners to promote the global energy transformation and the
development of global renewable energy.