LONGi and PNS Exceed 275MW of Cooperative Shipment in the Middle East in the First Half Year of 2022

PVTIME – LONGi has announced that based on close cooperation with Power n Sun (PNS), one of the main players in the distribution market in the Middle East region, the total shipment exceeded 275MW in the first half of 2022. This is a significant step in the partnership, demonstrating the commitment of both PNS and LONGi to the Middle East solar industry.

Power n Sun is a Solar Solutions, Supplies and System company supporting residential, commercial, and industrial solar installations in the Middle East and Africa regions. They are “One Stop Solar Shop” engaged in wholesale distribution of PV modules, Inverters, dc cables, structures, and other BOS materials. Power n Sun thrives on their strength in managing large solar supply chain by reducing the overall cost and solar project turnaround time significantly.

Managing director and Founder of Power n Sun, Mr. L.K. Verma said that “PNS is committed to speeding up the solarization in the Middle East region at the least possible cost in the most simple, agile & optimized way. This will be achieved by aggregating & aligning market demand, improving on product availability, ease of transactions through one-stop-shop and creating the required value in the demand chain.”

“275MW was the target agreed between both companies and represents a remarkable achievement that will drive our efforts and encourage LONGi and PNS to keep offering the best products and services to the local market and reach new heights in the Middle East,” said Amy Liu, General Manager of LONGi Middle East.

LONGi’ s steep progress in recent years has been owing to its steadfast focus on innovation and quality, which has progressively differentiated itself from the competition in middle east regions on technology and reliability of its products. With over 1387 authorized patents and an investment of more than 600 million USD in research and development, LONGi has been leading on the technology front with an efficient R&D system, accounting for 5.43% of its operating income last year.

LONGi’ s Hi-MO 5 modules, based on 182mm cells, have now been delivered to clients in 94 countries, with total shipments exceeding 30GW which validates the product’s popularity with customers. Hi-MO 5 modules are not only ideal for utility-scale power plants but are also widely applicable for the DG market. In-depth analysis suggests that Hi-MO 5 is widely considered to represent the optimal product based on size, its compatibility with the industrial chain, its product value and life cycle reliability.