LONGi Aims to Ship 85GW of Solar Modules in 2023, HPBC to Reach 17GW

PVTIME – LONGi Green Energy Technology, a leading global renewable energy company, disclosed that its solar module shipment target for 2023 is 85GW, of which the European and American markets account for approximately 30% of the total sales target, and HPBC shipment is expected to account for 15-20% as full production is reached.

In 2023, production capacity for mono-crystalline silicon wafers, cells and modules is expected to increase to 190GW, 110GW and 130GW respectively. And 85GW of cells and modules and 130GW of silicon wafers are expected to be shipped in 2023, with annual operating revenue exceeding 160 billion yuan.

This good performance is expected as LONGi has accelerated its digital transformation and smart manufacturing development. By transforming and upgrading its manufacturing units and production lines, the company has reduced costs and improved efficiency. Meanwhile, sustainable and stable growth will be achieved by ensuring product delivery. The company has proactively addressed the pressure of higher raw material costs. With the expansion of production capacity and increased output of silicon materials, the prices of silicon materials in the industrial chain have returned to normal levels.

LONGi will also continue to maintain a high intensity of R&D investment and technology innovation. The R&D investment in 2022 was 7.141 billion yuan, accounting for 5.54% of LONGi’s operating revenue. And the power conversion efficiency of its HJT reached 26.81%, which is currently the highest record for silicon-based solar cells in the world. Furthermore, laminated technology is considered a promising technology and the results achieved by LONGi in its R&D centre are much higher than the published data. However, there are still technical issues to be resolved from R&D to mass production, such as the stability and technical integrity of the chalcogenide layer.

For international markets, LONGi said it has increased investment and accelerated the construction and upgrading of high-efficiency production lines in China to meet the increasingly diversified needs of customers. The company has also optimised its international investment, including increasing investment in its production base in Kuching, Malaysia, and completing the upgrade of its production base in Vietnam. The company is working to improve its production and operational capabilities internationally to meet growing market demand outside China.

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