LONGi Achieves New Milestone of 30GW for Hi-MO 5 Module Shipments

PVTIME – LONGi’s Hi-MO 5 modules, based on 182mm cells, have now been delivered to over 600 clients in 57 countries, with total shipments exceeding 30GW and the company’s design philosophy validated by the product’s popularity with customers.

Hi-MO 5 modules are not only ideal for utility-scale power plants, but are also widely applicable for the DG market. In depth analysis suggests that Hi-MO 5 is widely considered to represent the optimal product based on size, its compatibility with the industrial chain, its product value and life cycle reliability.

From the very first Hi-MO 5 module to roll off the production line, to successive cumulative shipment milestones of 10GW, 20GW and now 30GW, LONGi has remained fully committed to bringing the most reliable products to market in order to provide high-efficiency solutions for the development of the ‘new power system’.

From Hi-MO 1 to Hi-MO 5, from its debut in the module business to becoming a shipment leader, LONGi has remained focused on customer value and technological innovation and continues to be at the vanguard of industry breakthroughs in order to achieve, with its global customers and partners, the ultimate goal of carbon neutrality.