Linuo Power Launches Solarsafe Warranty Insurance

Linuo Power has announced the launch of Solarsafe warranty for solar modules supplied by AON-COFCO.

After signing the insurance agreement, Linuo Power can now supply customers with a 25 year irrevocable warranty and promise of transferable beneficiary, which acts as stronger protecting umbrella based on the original 25 year linear performance warranty. The solution, on one hand, strengthens the stability and safety of the solar module manufacturer, and on the other hand, facilitates customers in terms of obtaining easy financing and creates “multi-win” opportunities for plant developers, operators, installers, terminal customers, banks and investors.
Ben Lee, the president of Linuo Power said: “It’s very important to offer our customers safe products and sustainable service at current situation. The solution not only maximizes the interest of our terminal customers, but also helps our customers finance quickly. Besides, it offers double-insurance and removes all the quality risk during the next 25 years for our customers throughout the world.”

About Linuo Power

Linuo Power, an international high technology photovoltaic company, offering a comprehensive value chain in photovoltaics, from R&D, manufacturing to sales of solar cells, solar modules and PV system committing to become the expert of solar power generation. Linuo Power has become one of the largest PV manufacturers, EPC and PV plant operators.
Linuo Power has established overseas subsidiaries and offices in Germany, USA, UK, Japan and Australia. Its PV products have been sold to more than twenty countries within six continents.
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AON-COFCO Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd, established in 2003, is a Sino-foreign joint venture insurance brokerage company which was the first company obtained permission to engage in insurance, reinsurance broker and consulting of risk management in China. Aon-COFCO is joined by American AON (the global largest insurance broker company and reinsurance broke company) and CFOCO, a Fortune 500 state-owned company.


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