LG Chem & Span Launch Energy Storage with Customizable Backup Power

The LG RESU home battery and Span smart panel provides customizable backup power and controllable home energy loads

PVTIME – LG Chem and Span.IO, Inc. (Span) today announce a battery storage and intelligent home energy control system that enables customizable backup power, letting customers  control which home loads remain powered on during outages. Reliability issues with the electric grid have left homeowners asking for the best in residential battery storage and backup power. Together, the LG Chem and Span solution delivers unique benefits for those looking to protect themselves from power outages by getting battery storage for their home.

This new solution gives customers unprecedented flexibility to manage their energy whether their needs are driven by changing needs in the home, seasonality, or power outage scenarios.

The Span smart panel provides advanced, real-time controls for the home and the LG RESU home battery can provide essential backup power during an outage. By having complete control of home loads, homeowners have the ability to manage backup power efficiently with the ability to choose what loads are being backed up. With the rising demand for backup power, LG Chem and Span are well-positioned to provide a leading solution for the market in 2020.

Introducing Customizable Backup Power

After multiple power blackouts affected millions of customers in California last fall, there is a growing interest in clean and distributed energy solutions. However, even for those who have battery backup today, there is often little visibility into how long a battery will last during outages or smart controls for energy-intensive appliances like EV chargers, washer/dryer, and air conditioning that could quickly deplete battery reserves.

Span pairs with the LG RESU 10H (9.8kWh) battery to provide customizable backup power, enabling customers to intelligently prioritize the backup power needs for their homes and maintain visibility into remaining backup time. This unique backup power solution requires no re-wiring or down-selection of protected loads, a process that can involve difficult decisions for customers and labor-intensive installations. Instead, the Span panel replaces the standard electrical panel and enables monitoring and controls for every circuit within the home.

“The Span and LG pairing is a smart decision when you are considering investing in a home battery,” says Jeongjin Hong, Vice President of LG Chem’s home battery business. “The ability to choose how you power your home is critical during an outage. The LG home battery is a reliable power source and with Span, you can wisely spend your battery backup power.”

Intuitive Energy Controls

Span’s intelligent home energy controls allow customers to optimize their LG RESU home battery by enabling customer preferences, intelligent load balancing, and automated scheduling. The Span app lets customers monitor and control home energy, letting them easily view solar production, battery charge and discharge behavior, grid power consumption, and energy consumption by home loads.

Span’s transparent approach to home energy lets customers see and understand their energy use in real-time rather than waiting for a bill or trying to manually adjust the systems and appliances in their home.

LG Chem & Span Launch Energy Storage with Customizable Backup Power

“We are excited to partner with LG Chem to provide a fundamentally superior backup power solution to the market – one that puts control in the hands of the customer,” says Arch Rao, Founder and CEO of Span. “This is important for customers who are choosing clean energy alongside more intelligent and connected homes, and it’s especially important for people who are facing power outages.”

Getting the Span and LG Chem Solution

Homeowners interested in adding configurable backup to their home can find more information at www.span.io/lgchem and can purchase the product through LG Chem and Span Certified Installers. Companies who want to apply to become a Span Certified Installer can apply through Span’s website at www.span.io/get-span. To become an LG Chem Certified Installer, companies can apply by visiting LG Chem’s website at www.lghomebattery.com.