JSGQ's Solar Mounting Structure Shipment in Europe Exceeds 4GW

PVTIME - Recently, Jiangsu Guoqiang Galvanization Industrial Company (Hereinafter as JSGQ) released a set of data for its overseas performance. As of the end of 2020, its export volume of solar mounting structures in Europe has exceeded 4GW. At the same time, JSGQ is also the only structure company entering China's Top 500 Private Enterprises in the photovoltaic industry.

JSGQ solar mounting stucture being used at a project in a Shanxi project. (Source: JSGQ)

JSGQ started to provide hot-dip galvanized products and solar mounting structures to European markets such as Spain and Italy from 2016. The products are mainly applied to large-scale and distributed power stations. Every year, it exports approximately 1GW products to European market and has had an accumulative total shipment of more than 100,000 tons as of now (equivalent to 4GW).

So far, JSGQ has established solid cooperative relationship with world-renowned photovoltaic companies, including NEXTRACKER, SOLTEC, NCLAVE, STINORLAND, TRINA, HIASA, CSIQ, YELLOW RIVER HYDROPOWER, etc. In order to improve JSGQ's global customer satisfaction, in recent years, JSGQ introduces intelligent robots and technologies and reduces human intervention to improve the production efficiency and product quality. At the same time, it introduces authoritative third-party test standards for the factory to ensure the quality of raw materials and products.

Yuan Guoqiang, General Manager of JSGQ, said, "we value the scale of the global photovoltaic markets and actively expand the overseas market territory. JSGQ's products are not only suitable for traditional solar mounting structures, but are also widely used in photovoltaic tracking support systems.

JSGQ's hot-dip galvanized products are exported to such country markets as USA, India, Netherlands, Australia, UAE and Korea, establishing a long-term business relationship with local clients. So far, it has set up branch offices in Australia and plans to set up subsidiaries and offices in country markets such as the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Europe, in hopes of promoting China's superior galvanized products worldwide.