Jolywood Will Continue to Explore N-Topcon Technology and Promote the Common Development of PV Industry

PVTIME – As one of the earliest enterprises in the industry which realize the mass production of TOPCon, Jolywood was invited to give a speech to share their latest TOPCon technology result and the development trend in the future during PVCELTECH’s webinar this past week.

The solar industry evolved considerably over the past year, and industry this year and next year will be focused on predicting the key metrics underpinning the next big shift to n-type. Solar media PV Tech held this webinar to together industry authority to discuss ‘the future of advanced cells technology and the development trend of solar supply chain’. The ‘Father of Solar Energy’, professor of UNSW, Martin Green also attended to give an authoritative speech.

Dr. Chen Jia, deputy general manager of Jolywood, was invited to attend this conference to share his wide R&D experience in terms of n-type technology. “TOPCon is considered the best choice to succeed PERC as the next mainstream technology in the context of PERC cells approaching limit efficiency. In advance of high potential of efficiency improvement and stability, TOPCon’s limit efficiency is 28.7%, nearly close to the theoretical limit efficiency of mono-silicon 29.43%.” He said, “Currently our J-TOPCon2.0 cells efficiency under mass production has reached 24.5%. With the high efficiency, high yield and high cost-effective technological superiority, our products have advantages of low degradation, low temperature of coefficient and high reliability, which can effectively reduce the LCOE.”

As the leader in the industrialization of n-type bifacial technology, Jolywood owned the largest TOPCon cells and modules factory with 2.1GW production capacity in Taizhou base and actively expanding the TOPCon cells production capacity in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province with 1.5GW and 16GW in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province. Jolywood R&D team engaged in innovation of TOPCon technology and broke through in improvements of efficiency and power recently. With the proven technology, Jolywood had globally installed n-type modules 4.1 GW in more than 60 countries till the end of 2020. As the main cells and modules supplier of middle-east region, Jolywood not only been widely recognized by customers, but also received excellent feedback of project power generation.

Jolywood will continue to explore the road of N-TOPCon technology, deeply engage in R&D and innovation of cells and modules, to develop solar industry in a steady pace and help customer to gain more benefit through providing them with excellent product and energy solution.