JinkoSolar’s Tiger Neo Bifacial Modules Reach Competitive Carbon Footprint Value for Tenders in France

PVTIME – JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. (“JinkoSolar” or the “Company”) (NYSE: JKS), one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world, announced on February 10 that its Tiger Neo Bifacial BDV 570 (144 cells) and Tiger Neo Bifacial BDV 610 (156 cells) modules, have been officially certified by CERTISOLIS for their very competitively low carbon footprint values (“CFP values”).

The CFP value of, respectively, 448 and 450 KG CO2/KW of JinkoSolar’s latest generation of high-efficiency N-type mono-crystalline modules, comes in addition to the current CFP certifications for products in the Tiger Pro series, which have already achieved promising CFP values for 108 cells, 120 cells, 144 cells mono and bifacial dual glass series. These competitive CFP values on JinkoSolar’s certified products will allow French customers to apply for subsidized electricity tariffs under the CRE tenders for projects using the high-efficiency modules in utility and large C&I rooftop projects.

The New Tiger Neo adopts N-type TOPCon technology with further enhancements in performance, power, energy density, and reliability. N-type TOPCon technology provides about 5% to 6% more efficiency than mono PERC and about 3% to 4% more energy generation. Mass produced from 182mm wafers, the new Tiger Neo modules features Multi-Busbar (MBB) and half-cut cell technology to reduce internal resistance loss, and the circular solder strip design increases optical gain so that the module has an ultra-high efficiency of up to 22.30% and can deliver a maximum power output of up to 620W. Thanks to less LID and LeTID risks, JinkoSolar provides an industry-leading 30-year linear power output guarantee. The first-year degradation has been claimed to be less than 1%.

“We are very proud that such competitive CFP values have been certified by CERTISOLIS. The new Tiger Neo flagship series was designed to meet the needs of large-scale utility projects, industrial and commercial distributed generation, and residential applications. Through the advantages of the N-type TOPCon technology, French customers can now invest in PV systems that are more efficient, more reliable, and more profitable. The most recent CFP certificate from CERTISOLIS, further validates JinkoSolar’s leadership in green energy production. It is yet another strong endorsement of our efforts over the years to improve the energy efficiency of our products and execute our carbon emission reduction plans,” said Mr. Frank Niendorf, General Manager of Jinko Solar Europe.