JinkoSolar Supplies 2MW N-type Tiger Neo Modules to the Most Powerful Floating PV Plant in Thailand

PVTIME – Greenergy (Thailand)Co., Ltd. unveiled one of the country’s most powerful floating solar panel farms in Reignwood Park, Thailand, empowered by 2MW of JinkoSolar’s N-type Tiger Neo panels of 600Wp.

The project is part of efforts by the land-scarce Thailand to meet a goal of quadrupling its solar energy production to help tackle climate change. Located on a reservoir in Reignwood Park, just a stone’s throw away from Bangkok, the 2MW floating photovoltaic (PV) farm has been designed and built into two “heart” shape from a bird view.

This project has embarked on the wider adoption of N-type TOPCon modules in large-scale floating solar plants in South East Asia. A challenging aspect of floating solar power plants is their building costs, particularly BOS, because of logistics, installation and O&M difficulties, cost of float anchors, water body preparation, etc. The FPV requirements of modules’ yield and reliability are higher compared with their ground-mounted peers. The long-term performance of this 2MW FPV system, which was designed to stay in place for as long as 30 years, to a large extent relies on the generation stability of N-type TOPCon cells. 

As opposed to conventional P-type solar panels, N-type TOPCon floating ones perform between 5% to 10% better because of the higher energy density, more generated power per Watt, lower degradation, and lower working temperature.