JinkoSolar Empowers Vietnam’s C&I Sector with Innovative 1.06MWh Energy Storage System

PVTIME – JinkoSolar has announced to have delivered its C&I storage system for a C&I project in Vietnam. The highly integrated 1.06MWh energy storage system, saving space and streamlining the installation process, will offer high profitability, safety, and flexibility to the customer.

JinkoSolar’s C&I ESS provides a variety of battery capacity options, ranging from 250kWh to 4MWh and are designed for applications that require energy storage for two to four hours. Thus, system is mainly used for peak shaving, peak valley arbitrage, and also assist electricity consumers in managing their electricity bills more efficiently. By charging the batteries during low-cost off-peak hours and discharging them during high-cost peak hours, businesses can significantly decrease their overall electricity expenses.

The project implemented 540kWh JinkoSolar C&I Energy storage system with 250kW power output. Notably, the system features a robust level of protection with an IP54 rating and is designed to operate within a wide temperature range spanning from -20℃ to 40℃. This comprehensive safety and operational reliability framework were key factors in influencing the customer’s decision to select JinkoSolar as their preferred provider for both solar panels and energy storage systems. This strategic choice aims to optimize the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) while ensuring seamless functionality.