JA Solar Will Supply 490mw Modules for Huanghe Hydropower Development's UHV Transmission Project

CHANGCHUN, China December. 27, 2019 /PVTIME/ -- JA Solar, a leading
manufacturer of high-performance photovoltaic products, announced that it won
the bid for supplying 490MW of high-efficiency modules for Huanghe Hydropower's
ultra-high voltage (UHV) Transmission Project in Qinghai Province. The project,
with a scale of 3.1GW, is the world's leading UHV demonstration project. This
is also of great significance for the application of new technologies and
exploration of deploying renewable energy projects with UHV.

JA Solar will supply its mono PERC 9BB half-cell bifacial double-glass
modules for the project, facilitating the integration of advanced solar
products and the UHV power grid. With a mass production output power of 410W
and conversion efficiency of 20.4%, this advanced product incorporates some of
the leading technologies, including bifacial cell, 9BB, half-cell and
double-glass structure. Specifically, 9BB technology decreases resistance loss;
half-cell technology enables better performance in shaded conditions; and the
double glass structure allows better adaptability to different environments.
Additionally, gallium doping technology is applied to the silicon wafers for
effectively mitigating light induced degradation (LID). All of these
technologies ensure that the module optimizes power-generating performance.
With its strong reliability and environmental adaptability, JA Solar's advanced
module has passed the testing of TUV Nord and Intertek, and is ideal for
reducing balance of system (BOS) cost and LCOE.

Mr. Jin Baofang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JA Solar, stated,
"Huanghe Hydropower Development Co., Ltd is a large comprehensive energy
company under the State Power Investment Corporation. It has 20-year experience
in the construction and development of photovoltaic power stations and has
maintained a long-term cooperative relationship with JA Solar. We are honored
to cooperate with Huanghe Hydropower on the pioneering project, and will
continue to work with our cooperative partners to promote the large-scale
application of high-efficiency products to enable the industry to reach grid
parity globally."

SOURCE: JA Solar Technology Co., Ltd.