JA Solar Shares Technical Features of DeepBlue Modules at the PV ModuleTech Conference

PVTIME – JA Solar today shared comments it made on November 29 at the PV ModuleTech Conference held in Malaga, Spain. The conference themed Traceability & Auditing, Technology, In-Field Performance & Reliability. As a leading PV solution platform enterprise, JA Solar was invited to speak at the event.

Ignacio Espinosa, the Senior Technical Manager of JA Solar, shared a report entitled “PV Design Evolution for Next Stage Efficiency Modules”. The report detailed the technical advantages, key features and outstanding power generation performance of JA Solar’s DeepBlue series. He also presented the technical roadmap for JA Solar’s future cell and module products.

Ignacio noted that the efficiency of n-type cells has increased in recent years, reaching around 25% in mass production. As n-type cell capacity expands, the cost difference between n-type and p-type cells should be reduced approximately 90% by 2024. To meet the requirements of different application scenarios, JA Solar mass-produces both p-type DeepBlue 3.0 and DeepBlue 3.0 Pro and n-type DeepBlue 4.0 X, which are equipped with different configuration designs including 54-cell, 72-cell and 78-cell.

Ignacio explained that DeepBlue 4.0 X is a new high-efficiency n-type module launched by JA Solar in 2022. This product adopts the high-efficiency n-type cell Bycium+ and the patented high-density module encapsulation technology GFI (Gapless flexible interconnection). Its mass production efficiency can reach 22.4%, and it has lower degradation, lower temperature coefficient, higher bifaciality factor and better low light performance, thereby ensuring better power generation performance with high reliability. Empirical project data gathered by JA Solar and third party test organization TÜV NORD showed that the per-watt power generation of the n-type module was 3.9% higher than that of the p-type during a full annual test cycle, and that the BOS cost and LCOE of the DeepBlue 4.0 X module were estimated to decrease by about 2.1% and 4.6%, respectively.

JA Solar drives continual improvement of power generation performance through a comprehensive technology effort focused on PV technology innovation, new product development and process improvement of existing products. Fulfilling the product design philosophy of “tailored to increase customer value”, DeepBlue series products integrate high power, high efficiency, high power generation capacity and high reliability. The performance and quality of JA Solar’s products explain their popularity in multiple PV markets around the world, where they are widely used in different PV projects, thus contributing to society’s goal of global carbon neutrality.